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Why Drinking Water Regularly Makes A Difference

quoteOur Top 10 Tips to Look Good & Feel Great!.unquote

Our Top Ten Tips


Detox: Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps flush out your kidneys and liver, enabling them to remove unwanted substances.

Flush out your kidneys and liver


Energy: Regular intake has been shown to keep energy levels up. A 2 per cent loss of water surrounding the cells of the body can lead to a loss of energy by up to 20 per cent!

Keep energy levels up


Health: Reduce your risk of developing gallstones and kidney stones through the regular intake of water.

Kidney Stones


Digestion: Regular intake of water has been shown to aid the digestion of food and to reduce the possibility of constipation.

Relieve constipation


Tense, nervous headache? Dehydration causes headaches so it stands to reason that drinking more water will reduce your risk of developing headaches.

Reduce the risk of headaches


Immune System: Studies have shown that good hydration helps to make your immune system work effectively

Healthy Immune System


Concentration: Dehydration may contribute to short term memory loss and even senility.

Reduce memory loss


Diet: Did you know that regular intake of water can actually reduce your feelings of hunger! Why not try water as a snack instead of those sugary foods?

Drink water as a snack


Wellness: Regular water consumption hydarates the body which in turn hydrates the largest organ in your body, your skin! Keep your skin looking good and feeling soft by drinking 2 litres a day.

Good looking skin

Temperature: A hydrated body helps to control the temperature of your body whilst enabling elimination of toxins through the sweat glands.

Control body temperature

With all of the evidence available shouldn’t you try to drink more water?

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