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We provide reliable maintenance for water cooler

Water Cooler Sanitisation

As an active member of the British Water Cooler Association, we are happy to follow its strict Bylaws and Codes of Practice to ensure we offer you

  • The highest quality of water
  • The highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene
  • The highest quality products
  • Product safety
  • A guarantee that we behave responsibly towards our surround environment
  • The best possible service

Sanitisation KitWe undertake regular scheduled sanitisation and water cooler repair and maintenance visits.

Frequency of visit depends on the type of water cooler installed. The British Water Cooler Association advises that bottled spring water coolers are sanitised every three months and that mains fed plumbed in point of use water coolers are sanitised every six months with frequent filter changes.

We regularly attend bottled water industry courses in

  • Hygiene awareness
  • Depot management
  • Plumbed in point of use water cooler installation
  • Crisis management

All to meet national bottled water industry standards, codes of practice and audit requirements

Our rigorous record keeping about our sanitisation of the products we maintain, service and repair for you means we can provide you with all the information you need for your own Health & Safety audits.