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Water Coolers For Your Home

Bottled spring water delivered
direct to your home

Water Coolers For Your Home

Having water coolers at home make having drinking water at home easy.  By having your own cooler you will have your own supply of fresh, chilled spring water ready for whenever you need it.

Water cooler in the kitchen

It doesn't cost the earth. It’s £7.20 per month for a quality domestic water cooler and we will deliver fresh spring water to your door with FREE delivery.

Each 19 litre bottle contains approximately 150 x 7oz. cups

Choose from the wide range of water coolers, no need to worry about maintenance, we keep everything fresh and clean and perform any servicing.

A home water cooler is perfect for everyone and takes the hassle away of carting heavy bottles home from the supermarket and its greener, as there is a fraction of the recycling commitment.

Most importantly, a home water cooler helps the whole family to stay hydrated and feeling healthy!

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