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What our Customers say

quoteConvenient, tasty, chilled and fresh.unquote

Convenient, tasty, chilled and fresh



“We did use a filter jug and kept it in the fridge but that just didn’t provide enough chilled water for the family. We drink gallons of it so instead of making space in the fridge for a jug or smaller bottles it’s much more convenient to get chilled water from our cooler whenever we want it and the delivery service is straight to the door so I don’t even have to worry about carrying bottles home from the supermarket.”

Mrs Denise Rowson
Aslockton, Notts.


“Our choice to drink bottled water is purely down to the issue of taste and the fact that we like our water chilled.  Since we’ve had our water cooler we haven’t had to persuade the kids to drink fewer sugary drinks like cola because they enjoy the coolness & taste of the spring water, in the past when they made squash with tap water they had to use loads to cover up the chemical taste so we don’t have to worry about that any more!”

Dave Pritchett
Farnsfield, Notts.


“We lived abroad for many years and on our return to the UK we immediately looked for a Spring Water supplier because we couldn’t believe how awful the tap water tasted in our area (even the cat wouldn’t drink it!). Everyone who visits us enjoys a chilled drink from our water cooler and we also use the water to fill our kettle and espresso machine – it’s marvellous!”

Carolyn Johnson
Ravenshead, Notts.


“We’ve had this service for five years now, I wish more people knew about it – it’s not expensive and it’s great for all the family. Renting the machine means all the maintenance is done for me, and it’s kept clean and fresh all the time.  I’m very happy about it.”

Mr Osman Patel
Highfields, Leicester.


"Water at Work are excellent. They have delivered to us at home and work for years and their service is consistently brilliant."

Peter Bell,
Head Teacher, Ambergate School