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Sing for Water Aid

We are showing our support and sending our best wishes to our Operation Director's sister, Penny Bradley who we are sponsoring for the Singing for Water event.

Penny will be joining hundreds of other budding singers in Bristol on the 6th July 2013 for Sing for Water West to raise money for Water Aid. Last years event raised over £50,000 last year with the help of 850 people.

Sing for Water is now in it's 10th year after being a dream for co-founder, Composer Helen Chadwick. Over the past 10 years the event has gone on to raise over £700,000 for projects around the world. The money raise in this years event will go towards helping vital water projects in Ghana and Malawi, bringing life saving access to safe water to many villages and thousands of people.

For more information about Water Aid and Sing for Water visit www.singforwaterwest.org


Pictured is Penny (left) with Water at Work's Operational Director, Sam.