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Light coloured Pee ............ means a more healthy Me !!!


A Human being is 60% water and for optimum health we need to keep topped up – like fuel in a car,  a car will run on dregs but it should not be done frequently – it’s the same for us.

If you let your water levels drop you can become dehydrated without realising. Indeed a body’s hunger pangs are often a requirement for water, which is why drinking water can lead to weight loss. Plus if you drink your water chilled, it boosts your metabolism as your body has to warm it up. According to Men’s Health magazine, 6 glasses of chilled water = 50 calories – what’s not to like !!

But there are so many more reasons why good hydration is such a benefit to the body – here are just a few:

•   It leads to better skin – your skin should be 20% water but it easily drops to 10% if you are dehydrated leading to dryness, a lack of elasticity and premature ageing.

•   It helps the body to regulate temperature - you lose strength and stamina as you dehydrate leading to degrees of heat exhaustion, so it is very important on hot days and when exercising.

•   It is critical to digestion and bowel health, water is vital to flush toxins, soften stools, and get rid of waste from the body.

•   It helps you maintain your correct body weight by preventing hunger pangs.

•   It helps improve concentration – our brains are 75% water and a lack of hydration causes shrinkage of the grey matter, mental fatigue, memory loss and confusion.

•   It improves kidney function and lubricates your joints – it flushes out excess urate and prevents it from crystallising in the joints.

So we know it is important, but how can you tell if you are dehydrated? Well, by having a wee. The colour of your wee shows how hydrated you are. The darker your wee, the more dehydrated you are and the lighter your wee, the more hydrated you are.

Here is a Pee Chart to help you:

Most healthy adults need 1.5 to 3. litres or eight medium glasses of fluid per day and Children should have about the same, particularly if they are exercising a lot.

The best way to keep hydrated is to drink water. It needn’t just be water, other drinks such as fruit juice can bring added nutrients with them and it needn’t be hard. Here are just a few ways to make it part of what you already do:

•   Make a glass of water your first drink of the day

•   Have regular drinks during the day.

•   Keep a bottle of water with you when you go out (particularly in the car)

•   Get into the habit of having a glass of water with every meal

•   And, if you are old enough, with that glass of wine

•   It’s important to drink before you get thirsty. A sense of thirst only kicks in when you’re more than a bit dehydrated

•   Increase your intake of fresh fruit and veg. They have high water content.

Whilst Tea, Coffee or fizzy drinks (like Coke) offer liquid, their diuretic properties (from the caffine) means that you tend to excrete more fluid  which is why they can be dehydrating rather than hydrating.

So go on, be Healthy, treat yourself to a Lovely Chilled Glass of Water !!!!!!