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Even masters of the Universe need Refreshment


One of our valued customers The Workplace Depot have been having a bit of fun in their office on a quiet Friday afternoon and sent us this.



In a recent office de-clutter they discovered a spare kick stool - this sparked a discussion about what you could make with it (well it was Friday afternoon and we were bored!). Anyway, the winning suggestion was a Dalek, the idea being that the 'kikkalong' step stool has wheels and can glide along the floor 'Dalek-like'. Our Managing Director was deeply skeptical so naturally forced, I mean challenged, Jess, our young apprentice, to build one but only using things we had in the building.

So, as well as the gliding kick stool base, we also used a hexaganol cardboard recycling bin as the body, covered in blue wrapping paper. Holes were cut in this for the 'arms' and the head was made from an old plant pot! In keeping with the original Daleks from the 1970's the death ray was a toilet plunger – we hasten to add that it was a new one from the cleaning cupboard. Some plastic cups made up what you might call the ears (lights), and the domes or globes (black circles) were black promotional stickers. Then it was all thrown together Blue Peter style by Jess.


When it was all up-and-running (or up-and-gliding), Jess decided it wanted a drink so we pictured it chilling out by our Water At Work water-cooler.