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Looking for fresh boxes of fruit

Welcome to Fresh Fruit Delivered

Our delivery service offers fresh fruit direct to your door.  'Fresh Fruit Delivered' provides a healthy alternative snack both in the office and at home and helps people to reach their target of five a day. Our expertise is buying premium fruit, picking it fresh daily from the top local wholesale market and delivering it direct to you.

We offer Fruit Boxes ideal for the office or home starting at £18.50 for 30 pieces.

We also deliver Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets, perfect for any special occasion starting at £22.00.

  • Our fruit is locally sourced, as much as possible, reducing the food miles.
  • Freshly bought each morning.
  • Only the highest grade fresh fruit is used.
  • Packed carefully into our boxes ready for delivery to the workplace or home.
  • Recyclable Cardboard packaging.
  • No contracts, just have what you want when you want.
  • Monthly billing in arrears (no more raiding the petty cash tin).
  • Perfect for weekly, monthly or one off treats. Ideal for bonuses, gifts and 'get well' presents.

WHY have fruit at work?

We are a nation of workaholics and spend on average 60% of our waking day at work. When at work we tend to neglect our health and snack on high calorie foods such as crisps and biscuits. Fruit has natural sugars which stimulate the brain allowing us to think faster. We can recall information more quickly which means we are 100% productive all day. Supplying fruit in the workplace results in us all feeling more valued. It is also proven to increase output, as eating more healthy foods can result in lower sickness levels.

For more details for this service please contact Jo on 01949 831094 to discuss your requirements.