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National Water Supply

Our National contracts are handled by Sam Bradley and Kelly Woods and we aim to take the hassle out of National Delivery for you.

Dealing with different distribution centres can be time consuming and inefficient - Will the Cooler actually get to site? Will the invoicing make sense? Will the same person be available to speak to?

At Water at Work we act as your Purchasing Assistant. We agree all prices up front  and then we run the account for you in liason with your team. With one point of contact we will manage your needs for Water, Coolers, Cups, Small Pack and POU from Scotland to Cornwall as well as Wales and Ireland - seamlessly and immediately.

We believe that a major company should not need any hassle about this relatively small cost centre. But it can be time consuming - so we  are happy to manage it for you and you are welcome to speak to any of our happy clients for a reference.