Water at Work - Pure water at work and home

Local Water Supply

quoteOur spring water... it’s pure, refreshing and it’s close to home. Our spring water takes 20 to 50 years to trickle through ancient Mercia Mudstone and along natural cracks in granite and slate.unquote

Local Water Delivered

Delivery in our Primary area is managed by Jo Boothroyd and we probably know the roads better than the AA and the RAC!

All our Clients are on a regular fortnightly delivery cycle and we call everyone 2 days before their delivery to take their order. This ensures that you do not have to keep excessive stock and from an environmental perspective we can manage our runs to minimise fuel waste.

We allocate routes and vehicles to drivers and because our drivers have ownership thereof, it allows for - Pride in the Vehicle, Pride in the Job and a personal knowledge of each Clients' requirements.

We want to make sure that our service is efficient, friendly and that it does not interupt your business operation.