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Greener Living

quoteHere at Water at Work Midlands we’re doing everything we can to manage our company’s impact on the environment.unquote

Tanya Rostron,

Managing Director of Water at Work

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Staying efficient...

  • Our water source is close to where we need it.
  • Our bottles are re-usable. Once returned, they are sterilised and refilled and at the end of their life they are chipped to be recycled.
  • Any cooler parts that can’t be recycled, we try to find an interesting use for them.
  • Our distribution system is lean and efficient, we plan our delivery rounds carefully to minimise environmental impact.
  • We promote our plumbed in mains fed water-filtering systems as hard as our stand alone bottled water coolers.
  • We give what we can to our local community and to our wider global community through Water Aid.